By following a few easy steps, you should be able to maintain that like-new feeling for a long time.

Don’t settle for sluggish starts and slow programs just because your computer isn’t brand-new. These five tips will keep your Windows PC running like it’s day one.

Here are our top 5 practices to keep your computer up to speed:

  1. Free up Disk Space
    If your computer hard drive is almost full, you may notice each task you perform is getting a little bit slower. Windows has built in applications that allows you to easily clear out that drive, opening up more space
  2. Uninstall Apps that You Don’t Use Anymore
    This can make a huge difference to help speed up your PC, as those programs sometimes include quite taxing background processes, auto-start entries and system services.
  3. Remove Apps that Take Up too Many Resources
    Your computer may be slowing down because an app or series of apps are taking up more than a reasonable amount of space. You can prevent those certain apps from taking up too much space by simply closing those running apps.
  4. Make Sure Your AntiVirus isn’t Dragging Your System Down
    Some apps take too much control over your computer’s resources. You will want to avoid those particular apps from slowing down your machine.
  5. Reset Your Computer
    By re-setting you PC, you will be able to easily breathe new life into your machine.



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