How Experienced is your IT Support Team?

Knowledge is the number one factor to a successful business in our industry. Our greatest asset to our business is our IT support team. Our highly skilled IT support team is constantly upgrading their skills in order to ensure our Managed IT Service clients we are at the cutting edge of technology. The team has over 50+ years of combined experience in the industry. Our IT support team is Microsoft Certified, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Certified and Cisco systems engineers just to mention a few. If your IT systems are down and you need help our team will get you back on line promptly. Technicians are on call 24/7.

Why do I need Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Being one of Niagara Falls’ most trusted IT consulting firms, we know that the most valuable asset to any business is data. We offer multiple solutions that meet budgets, and also offer data backup solutions that protect businesses from lost data. AF Technology implements multiple enterprise level Disaster Recovery systems to protect businesses. Off-site (Cloud Backup) and Data Backup management is included in our Managed IT Services program. Our IT support team will setup an enterprise level backup solution including local data backup and offsite data backup (cloud backup). Proper Backup procedures will protect your most important asset.

Why does my network need Regular Maintenance?

Your IT network is the back bone of your business. Regular maintenance keeps the network running efficiently and securely. Our Managed IT Services provides proactive IT support and maintenance therefore reducing IT system failure and downtime. Our team of IT support specialists monitor the health, performance and security of your IT network 24/7 ensuring security and stability all for a flat monthly fee.

What if I need to add additional users on my network?

All IT solutions offered by AF Technology come with flexible pricing based on your business needs. We are long-term partners with our clients therefore we compliment our client business environment. If your company adds or removes a user, we will adjust pricing accordingly. We stand behind our service and offer our services with no long-term contracts.

What types of incidents are covered under this agreement?

Under our Managed IT Services agreement, all remote IT support required during business hours or according to your SLA is covered under the agreement. There is NO limitations on the time spent regarding IT support issues. As per our Managed IT Services program, all services include preventative IT support, routine IT maintenance and 24/7 IT monitoring. We also perform weekly as well as unscheduled maintenance and fixes for network related problems that may arise. At AF Technology, we maintain all our Managed IT Service clients proactively so that your network is reliable and secure and we do so at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house IT staff.

How does Managed IT Services compliment your business?

Managed IT Services compliments businesses by allowing them to operate more strategically than re-actively in order to prevent problems and to keep things running smoothly. This IT support model also rewards both the client and the Managed IT Service (MSP) provider when things go smoothly. This is true win-win relationship as our business model is built on network up time. This IT support business model also provides fixed IT costs with allows for proper budgeting and the client will never receive surprises from a billing standpoint.

What is Managed IT Services?

Many companies claim to be Managed IT Service providers (MSP) however only true Managed IT Service Providers are 100% responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure. Managed IT Service providers are not only your trusted IT consultants, they also provide proactive Managed IT Services using a host of tools to ensure your organization is receiving immediate IT support and consistent network up time on a fixed-fee basis that meets the budget. As a true Managed IT Service provider, our corporate commitment is to proactively <strong><em>prevent problems</em></strong> and not re-actively fixing problems. A true Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) business model is built on network up time, not downtime.

How do we solve urgent IT Support issues?

We solve all IT support issues on the base of priority. Our Managed IT Services clients receive advanced enterprise Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software. Our IT support team use the tools to proactively maintain the network including enterprise antivirus and data backup as well as IT support issues and IT support ticket tracking mechanism. All urgent IT support issues are given highest priority and our IT support team will solve the technical IT support issue immediately.

How does your company perform remote IT Support?

AF Technology uses state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software to managed all clients under our Managed IT Services program. Once the users submits a IT support ticket, the ticket will hit our technical support board. The experienced team will “Ask for permission” to gain access to the computer and then resolve the issue remotely. AF Technology takes every precaution to ensure that our clients privacy is maintained and there is no system access without user approval.

What is the best way to utilize your Business IT Solutions?

We have created several comprehensive packages that fulfill all of your Business IT Support needs. Depending on the size of your company, you can choose the package that has the amount of Help Desk, On-Site Management hours, Cloud Data Storage you require. We offer Managed IT Services, IT Support, Remote Help Desk, Disaster Recovery, Offsite Backup, Cloud Storage, Cloud Services and many more to suit all business demands.

What are your response times or Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Our Managed IT Services clients receive priority IT Support. If you are not on contract with us then a standard support ticket will be acknowledged and started within standard hours. SLA’s can be modified on based on company needs.

Do you provide 24 hour IT support?

Yes, we certainly do support our clients around the clock. Our Managed IT Services clients have a professional Systems Engineer on-call in case they need us. Since AF Technology monitors the network 24/7, we identify issues in a network proactively. Depending on your Managed IT Service contract, an “Out Of Hours” surcharge does apply, so if it isn’t really that urgent it’s best to wait until the next business hour to call – or just contact us and we’ll pick the job up first thing next business day.