We understand that your data is important, we also understand that your data resides on different devices. How do you protect all the data with a single solution?
AF Technology’s business cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services was built to serve our clients.
Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your systems. Our disaster recovery services offers both hybrid cloud backup and direct to cloud replication to better fit your business.

Key Features and Benefits

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Our disaster recovery service guarantees a 15-minute failover. You can bring any system back online, in our cloud, from the time of disaster—in 15 minutes or less.

Failover to the Cloud

For windows and Linux environments, virtual or physical administrators can boot up VMs from the local appliance or our cloud, with RDP or VNC access.

Drag and Drop Orchestration

Use our drag and drop graphical orchestration workflow editor, also known as a runbook editor, to specify the order in which machines are recovered, create groups of machines to boot simultaneously, and specify the time intervals between system boots to ensure a smooth, stress-free system recovery.

Software Defined Networking

AF Technology’s disaster recovery rebuilds tour network automatically and on the fly using software-defined networking technology – effectively capturing a complete replica of your on premise data center in the cloud.

Guilt-Free Disaster Recovery Testing

Perform unlimited disaster recovery tests without having to formally declare a disaster or incur additional costs.