Why Choose AF Technology`s Security Services?

Small and medium sized businesses have become a target for many viruses, malware and spyware issues for years. AF Technology has the ability to view those threats and defend every computer in your business from the latest viruses that could potentially disrupt your networks. We also block potentially offensive websites while preventing data leaks, data loss and system downtime. With only a few steps, you can be protected in minutes.


Online security threats are serious business. Hackers and malware can sneak in and disrupt your operations, costing you time and money. Antivirus software reduces that risk and disruption for you and guards against the latest threats: hassle and worry you just don’t need.

Cloud Based Recovery

AF Technology`s Cloud Backup Service provides a consistent user experience and reduces overall cost to protect your data. Advanced remote control capabilities enables administrators to remotely support clients using Windows and Mac devices.

Content Filtering

Content filtering helps decide which content is acceptable for viewing and access through a given system. It is important to control the content on your network and know how your resources are being used.

Is Business Protection Services Right For Me?

Is a lack of IT staff preventing you from adopting security solutions?
Not to worry. Our cloud-based solutions do not require any additional hardware. The software updates and upgrades itself automatically.
Are you worried about the risk of infection from email attachments or compromised web sites?
You are protected against the latest threats even before virus signatures are available thanks to our proactive defensive technologies.
Are you looking for solutions to prevent data loss?
Your systems are secured, and your business information is protected from leaks or being harvested by would-be cyber criminals.
Is a limited budget hindering you from securing your business?
Our subscription model lets you buy only what you need and to add to your plan as your business grows.